Made-to-measure curtains often let some light through but you cannot see through them, they are generally a bit thicker in terms of fabric. Curtains not only block out the outside world, they also have an insulating, soundproofing and mood-enhancing effect. In terms of acoustics, it is always a good idea to hang curtains.

Transparent curtains

Transparent curtains are translucent curtains, also called inbetweens or net curtains. Their function is to reduce privacy. You can keep them closed all day, to filter daylight but keep enough light in the house.

Roman blinds

Roman blinds are operated with a cord or chain, which allows you to fold the blind vertically. They have a sleek and modern look and you can easily play with the light. The wide choice of fabrics allows you to create your own style and atmosphere at home.

Smart folding curtains

Install your electric pleated blinds wirelessly, easily connect them to your smart home and control them from anywhere, any way you like, at the touch of a button. Create privacy and the perfect light. Be comfy and just relax...

Curtains with added value

At A House of Happiness, we always look for the added value of products. It's not just about how materials can be used, but also whether they offer something extra, and whether they are unique developments in the market. For instance, are fabrics blackout, fire-retardant or noise-reducing? Do they have extra thermal insulation? We prefer to use materials with added value and a good story! We develop fabrics with just that little bit extra.

Your own house of happiness.