Enrich your home with stylish curtains from A House of Happiness, made in an environmentally conscious manner. We are committed to sustainable business and believe in the importance of sustainability in every aspect. Our sustainable curtains are more than just an addition to your interior - they contribute to a better environment.


At A House of Happiness, we embrace green. That's why we make yarns from recycled materials, such as residues from the t-shirt industry and recycled PET bottles, among others, to create high-quality curtain fabrics. A conscious choice for a more beautiful now and a better future.
 And then there is also the option to make curtains sustainable by producing them 'circular'. You can read more about that on the Circular curtains page.

Sustainable future

Our sustainable curtains are easily identified by the recycle logo and in shops you will recognise them by the green hook.

By choosing our sustainable curtains, you contribute to a more sustainable future. Each curtain is an addition to your interior anyway, but also a positive step towards a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. Together, we are making a difference to the world of today and tomorrow.