What can be done with curtains?

Our workshop can make the most beautiful things. Each curtain is unique. We make them to measure for you and anything is possible. Read the most common options for both curtains and Roman blinds below.

Single pleat curtains

With a single pleat, the curtain fabric is folded once and this pleat is stitched. This pleat is often chosen for over-curtain fabrics or lined curtains. For heavy curtain fabrics, such as velour, the single pleat is also the best option. If you have chosen a printed or patterned curtain fabric, single pleats are also the best choice. Moreover, a single pleat is the cheapest because you need the least amount of fabric.

Double pleated curtains

With a double pleat, the pleat is folded double. Most curtains in the Netherlands are made with a double pleat. A double pleat is also called a butterfly pleat. This pleat is often used for inbetweens, net curtains and supple curtain fabrics. It is not very suitable for heavy fabrics. This can make the curtain fall too stiff. A double pleat uses slightly more fabric, giving the curtain a wider drape and a richer look than a single pleat, for example.

Triple pleated curtains

The triple (three) pleat is used for supple curtain fabrics and inbetween fabrics. The extra fabric makes it fall extra smoothly. A triple pleat is also recommended for high rooms, so that the fabric falls nicely and wavy to the bottom.

Curtains on ring

Curtains on pleats too fussy? By choosing curtains with ring on a rod, you give curtains a cool look. The colour of the rings and the size determine the final mood.

Curtains on wave

With the Happy Wave, the fabric is not pleated at the top, but is suspended undulating under the rail by special tape and hooks. A measured distance between the runners creates a regular wave. Extremely suitable for supple room-high fabrics.

Roman blinds

Do you want a sleek decoration in your home? Then Roman blinds are great for that. Roman blinds are made with horizontal tunnels containing ribs that keep the curtain hanging nice and tight. The ribs are hardly or not at all visible because they are incorporated in the tunnels. When the curtains are completely down, the curtain looks sleek and modern. When you pull up the pleated curtain (partially), the lower part of the pleated curtain folds up neatly.

We usually recommend the ribs at the front. With plain fabrics, this ensures a clean look. With a pattern, this ensures that the pattern always continues and is not interrupted.

Lined curtains

Lined curtains offer many advantages. To a greater or lesser extent, they block light and improve the acoustics of a room. In addition, the lining protects against discolouration by sunlight, insulates for energy savings, protects sensitive fabrics and gives curtains a richer look.

Happy Lock

Happy lock workmanship makes a curtain unique and original! The lockconfection is applied instead of a bottom hem and side seam finish. The top finish of the curtain does conform to the standard pleat or ring fitting. You can choose from 3 yarn finishes: cool anthracite grey, fresh white and cheerful orange.