We go for home happiness every day.

With curtains from A House of Happiness, you don't just bring curtains into your home. They stand for joy and happiness, making a house a home. We prefer to use materials with added value and a good story.

We develop and make customised curtains, with just that little bit extra. Above all, we want to contribute positively to our living environment in various ways, by doing business in a sustainable and socially responsible way.

In short, Not just any curtains.

A House of Happiness

A House of Happiness is a colourful brand where creativity, quality, inspiration and passion come together. A house full of potential, which has the firm ambition to be Europe's best textile decoration specialist that does what it promises. We offer everyone a fitting made-to-measure curtain, made in our own confection workshops!

Fun and joy

Our name and colourful corporate design say exactly what we stand for: fun and joy. We help our customers create an atmospheric, private home. A personal, homely place that makes you really happy. We do this with our products: custom-made curtains from our own design studio in surprising designs and trendy colours to suit every interior and budget. Choosing, buying and installing curtains is easy at A House of Happiness. We take care of it!

Made-to-measure curtains

A House of Happiness has been the decoration specialist in custom-made curtains for decades. A colourful brand where creativity, quality, inspiration and passion for textiles come together. We offer full service: from product development, automated ordering module, our own workshop to delivery of custom-made curtains.

Royal Vriesco, a household name for 100 years

The umbrella organisation of A House of Happiness is Royal Vriesco, founded in 1919. A decoration specialist with international allure - trendy and totally contemporary! The name when it comes to custom-made curtains and has been for decades.

This is what we stand for

Little as nice as being happy. The feeling that life is smiling at you and you open the curtains every day with a smile. We want to give our customers exactly that feeling. On our website and social media channels, when they walk out of the shop with their purchase. But also at home, visibly enjoying our products. A House of Happiness is not our name by accident: happiness is at the heart of everything we do. As a company, A House of Happiness is a 'community', where - besides hard work - fun is central. In creating online inspiration, to the way we address customers.

‘‘Happiness in every sense of the word’’

To surprise customers, stay ahead of competitors and because we believe in continuous renewal and improvement, innovation is our middle name. Coming up with, developing and implementing new ideas is in our blood and makes us stand out; a very important trait for a market leader. We think circularly, we make innovative fabrics, we invent new production processes and that results in our customised solutions and extensive range.

‘‘The distinction between a leader and a follower is innovation’’

No A House of Happiness without craftsmanship. Hero de Vries laid that foundation over a hundred years ago when he started his upholstery shop. We are proud to continue this tradition today. We also love quality and customisation, in fact we breathe it. Without flaunting it. The quality of our inbetweens, curtains and our personal service speak for themselves. No craftsmanship without craftsmen. That's what we all are here.

‘‘Craftsmanship is craft’’

From 1919 to the present


It was 21 May 1919 when 20-year-old Hero de Vries opened his 'furniture warehouse and gros' in Leeuwarden. Combined with his excellent sense of trade, Hero's craftsmanship laid a solid foundation for a successful business in manufacturing, upholstery and padding.


Hero has two sons: Jetze Herman and Lambertus (Bert) Richard. Both boys grew up in their father's business and were brought up with the trade.


In the post-war period, Bert knows how to sell his father's furniture just fine. He is a real trader and sells more than just furniture. Be it handkerchiefs or crocheted rugs, his motto is: trade is trade.


Own showboat with the latest collections.


Representatives and fleet.


In the 1960s, Vriesco opened its first showroom in Leeuwarden.


Vriesco further expands the factory and moves to new premises on Mr P.J. Troelstraweg.


The first Vriesco bus runs in Antwerp. We now sell in > 40 countries worldwide.


To raise awareness internationally, A House of Happiness is being introduced; a new one with its own face.


1e durable fabric, under the green hook.


The first confection order went to our additional production site in Bosnia, our subsidiary Vital4M, in April 2015.


716 solar panels generate more than half of our annual electricity consumption.


With this innovative printing machine, we print our fabrics with eco-friendly dyes in-house. Using a water-saving printing process, we save as much as 80% water!


Vriesco celebrates 100 years and can officially call itself Royal! Big celebration including an Open House.


The fleet is being replaced by electric cars.


A House of Happiness is getting a makeover including a new logo, a new pay-off and a new corporate identity.


Full collection with 100% bio-based fabrics. Bio-based raw materials are made from natural materials.