Family comfort, pure enjoyment

The word Homers comes from pigeon racing and means 'homing pigeons on their way home', it is not for nothing that 'home sweet home' applies!
Comfort and cosiness come first, home is a place where you enjoy being together. Features for the curtain fabrics from the Homers label are familiar designs, a cosy look with lots of plain and patterned fabrics.

This is Homers

A wide accessible collection with good basic fabrics available from an entry price, both plain and patterned fabrics.

Flamondo F.R.

Flamondo F.R. a supple textured woven fabric made from 100% recycled polyester. This fabric is flame retardant and features a wide colour palette. This plain weave fabric has a subtle structure at the front and a more even appearance at the back, but can be made up on both sides. This curtain fabric is suitable for several fabric options, so it hangs beautifully on rings, happy wave pleats and double pleats. A versatile fabric suitable for any interior and ideal for the project market.

Seaside F.R.

The Seaside F.R. is a supple, open-weave transparent fabric featuring a watercolour print. For the print, of both available colour options, the watercolour technique has been used. This fabric is perfect to combine with a beautiful plain curtain in the same colour shade as the print. For a modern look, we recommend an 8cm happy wave pleat. The Seaside F.R. is flame retardant and made of 30% recycled polyester.


Refresh is a durable, acoustic, blackout curtain fabric and has a unique technology that ensures the air is purified. The front has a matt mélange texture and the back is plain shiny.Very suitable for your bedroom, a place where you want it to be as dark as possible and where it should be fresh. To make the most of the blackout function, we recommend pleating and because the fabric is extra high it can be made up seamlessly.The curtain in 13 beautiful colours is partly made of recycled yarn from PET bottles, as many as 11 bottles per square metre. This fabric is Oeko-tex certified.


This fine-textured linen look has the beautiful natural look of linen without all its drawbacks. An atmospheric transparency that feels comfortable in your interior. This fabric has an aggravating cord, so it falls beautifully and no hem is needed. It is 320 cm high, so very suitable for higher rooms.

Blackstone F.R.

The ideal curtain to darken your space. Blackstone is a fire-retardant black-out curtain fabric that darkens. For example, for your bedroom, a place where you want it to be as dark as possible to get a good night's sleep. In addition, Blackstone has an acoustic effect that dampens sound.