Flame retardant curtains reduce the spread of a fire because the curtain fabric is difficult or impossible to catch fire. This can mean the difference between a small fire and a spreading fire.

What are fire-retardant curtains?

Fire-retardant curtains reduce the rapid spread of fire, thanks to fabrics that are difficult or non-flammable. Also known as fire-resistant or flame-retardant curtains, these curtains are vital for safety.

How are they made?
Our collection consists mainly of curtains made of flame-retardant fabrics, which are inherently flame-retardant. These fabrics retain their flame-retardant properties even after repeated washing.

Tested and certified

Our fire-retardant curtains undergo stringent tests at recognised institutes. This gives them an official certificate to prove to the fire brigade, insurance company or other authorities that the curtains are fire-retardant.

Why choose fire-retardant curtains?

Sometimes fire-retardant curtains are mandatory. Local authorities in many cases make fire-retardant curtains compulsory in public buildings, but insurers also often make fire-retardant curtains compulsory or strongly recommend it. This is especially in schools, care homes or businesses.
But not only in businesses, even at home it can make you feel safe when you know your curtains are fire-retardant. The windowsill is a place where a fire often starts. A fire can be started by a burning candle, for instance, but a mirror, fishbowl or bulging vase in the windowsill can also lead to a fire.

Safety first! Choose fire-retardant curtains and protect yourself and those around you from unexpected fire hazards.

You can recognise our flame-retardant curtains in the shop by the orange hook.

Make your home extra safe with fire-retardant curtains.