Developed and produced in-house

A House of Happiness stands for its own signature and broad curtain collection, which we develop and produce under different labels and entirely in-house. Our collection is divided into three living styles for different target groups. They contain various trendy fabrics that fit in well with the image of the times.
Our own labels - each with its own story and look - form our solid base. This is where you will find our creativity. Creativity has to do with feeling for what is important and experience in the trade. But it is also about capturing the spirit of the times, being open to inspiring things around you and then combining these.

From waste to curtain.

From cutting waste with a homogeneous composition from our own production, we have developed a circular line. Where most people had already written off these materials, we have given it a new life. So we have turned 'waste' into a product that you can use to make your house a home. An innovative collection of circular curtains.

Green is not a color, it’s an attitude.

Responsibility for the earth is a priority for us. We strive for sustainability because we want to preserve a liveable world for future generations. Our commitment to green inspires not only our team, but also our partners. Together, we go for a sustainable future!