Tough, natural and pure

Natural comfort is the origin of the label byTzum. Tzum is a Frisian town just across the Afsluitdijk. Located in wide natural surroundings between the mud flats and the city. Authentic and pure. Just like the collection of the label byTzum. A conscious, rugged and natural lifestyle is central here, where sustainability is a must.

This is byTzum

The curtain fabric collection comprises a large palette of earthy tones, with bold textures in the weave surface and organic patterns.


Earth is a smoothly woven transparent with a natural look, woven with multiple colour yarns for a vibrant mélange effect. The fabric is available in 6 accessible colours, ranging from a nude to a black with brown touch. This palette blends beautifully in different interior styles with an emphasis on a natural look. As this fabric is room-high, no seams will be visible in the ready-to-wear. For a rich look, we recommend a tripple pleat and for a modern look, we recommend the wave pleat.


Aireca is a durable curtain fabric and has a unique technology that ensures the air is purified. The front has a natural melange texture and the back is plain. Very suitable for your bedroom where it needs to be fresh. Very applicable in many interior styles.


An innovative circular curtain with which we make the world a little more beautiful. This inbetween is partly made of recycled cutting waste from our own production. And so it has come full circle. The natural nonchalant look created by the coarser slubs and subtle thickening can therefore vary slightly each time and that makes this curtain unique in your home.


Curvy is a room-high transparent curtain with an organic woven-in design and fits well in a country interior. Curvy is available in a natural and a cool sand shade. This fabric is partly made of recycled yarn from PET bottles and contains 6 bottles per square metre.


Embrace is a supple plain curtain fabric woven with yarns with a natural look. The fuller yarn gives the curtain a warm look, giving Embrace a high pettability factor. The 8 colours in the colour palette ensure that this curtain fits perfectly in modern, industrial and country interiors.