Curtains add atmosphere to a room.

With a wide range of colours, fabrics and patterns, there is always a curtain to suit your interior in our collection.

Curtains provide privacy and regulate the incidence of light. Not only can curtains be useful as mood creators or decorative items, they also have a positive effect on the acoustics and insulation of a room.

Value-added fabrics

By creating multiple layers, the positive properties, such as insulation and improving acoustics, are enhanced. Overblinds are great for combining with other window coverings, such as inbetweens or Roman blinds.

At A House of Happiness, almost all fabrics have added value. We have blackout, flame-resistant, insulating and acoustic fabrics, but also fabrics made from PET bottles. So these are truly sustainable!

Choose a curtain with the feature your space needs, or have the fabric of your choice lined with this feature.

Kies een gordijn met de eigenschap die jouw ruimte nodig heeft, of laat de stof naar jouw keuze met deze eigenschap voeren.