High quality, design

Innovative styling and high-quality trendy design. The innovative and trend-setting label Artende is derived from Art and the Italian word for curtain: `tende'. For people who have an absolute interest in interiors and design and are up to date with the latest developments.

This is Artende

High-quality curtain fabrics in rich, deep and more pronounced colours that don't shy away from a little shine in the fabric.


Inbetween New York stands for class and suppleness. Partly due to the 3 chic colourways, it gives the luxurious feeling of a hotel in the city. The design has a high-quality and rich look. New York is sustainably produced and contains 2 PET bottles per square metre. This room-high in between has a weighting cord at the bottom so it falls smoothly and no hem is needed. Beautiful on a wave confection.

Solarflex F.R.

Room-high curtain with insulating and blackout effect. Chic, shiny backing with double insulation against both heat and cold. The curtain lets in up to 50% less heat and up to 30% less cold. This curtain fabric is partly made of recycled polyester, originating from PET bottles.


Glister it's in to name, as this quality is very striking with its subtle shimmer. A durably supple blackout fabric that gives your interior a real upgrade. The fabric can be made on both sides. The front of the fabric has a subtle square structure, while the back gives a nice smooth look.

Birdseye F.R.

A durable high-quality fire-retardant curtain fabric with an acoustic effect that dampens noise. Birdseye has a beautiful melange texture on the front and a soft fleece look on the back. The rich weave structure makes the colours stand out. The fabric has a wonderfully soft touch.


Brilliant is an open woven chic net structure curtain with, as the name suggests, a brilliant look due to the beautiful sheen that comes into its own in silver, gold and black. A statement in your interior. Suitable for a modern wave confection but also suitable for pleats for a more classic look.