Royal Vriesco, a household name for 105 years

The umbrella organisation of A House of Happiness is Royal Vriesco, founded in 1919. A decoration specialist with international allure - trendy and totally contemporary! The name when it comes to custom-made curtains and has been for decades.

The year 1919; the beginning till now

As a 20-year-old, Hero de Vries opened his 'Furniture warehouse and gros', according to a recently found extract from the Frisian Chamber of Commerce. It was 21 May 1919 when he started in Leeuwarden. As one of ten children in the family of carpenter Jetze de Vries, he is well acquainted with crafts. Combined with his good sense of trade, Hero's craftsmanship laid a solid foundation for a successful business in manufacturing, upholstering and upholstering furniture.

From father to son

And a success it became. Soon Hero is running several warehouses in the city centre, where he and his employees make and sell upholstered furniture. This is where he gains his first knowledge of textile processing. This knowledge would later come in handy within the company.
Hero had two sons: Jetze Herman and Lambertus (Bert) Richard. Both boys grew up in the company and learned the trade from an early age. In the post-war period, Bert managed to sell his father's furniture well. He is a real trader and sells more than just furniture. Be it handkerchiefs or crocheted rugs, his motto is: trade is trade.

Focus on curtain fabrics

It is 1948 when Bert gets a corner in De Vries senior's furniture factory, on Harlingertrekweg, to sell curtains. Jetze Herman continued the furniture branch until 1970, while Bert successfully expanded the textile branch.
In the early 1950s, Vriesco sold - besides various furniture fabrics, runners, panel cloths, carpets and blankets - one type of curtain fabric. A few years later, things changed: the company put more and more effort into curtain fabrics. A correct decision, it turns out. The number of employees grew rapidly.
In 1969, Vriesco moved to Mr P.J. Troelstraweg in Leeuwarden. An enormous step forward. The premises offered plenty of space, with large warehouses and offices.

A new phase: abroad

In 1970, Hero Paul de Vries (son of Lambertus (Bert) Richard de Vries) - also known as H.P. - joined Vriesco. H.P. dealt with internal affairs and organisation. He does this so well that he becomes director at the end of the 1970s.
During this period, the company also grew strongly internationally. The building in Leeuwarden now has a considerable shortage of space. A fire at a neighbouring company made a piece of land available, on which Vriesco built a display case warehouse. In 1985, there is a festive opening by the Queen's Commissioner.

Growth at the studio

The new warehouse houses a small curtains workshop for the first time. Within four years, the group of atelier employees grew from 4 to 27 employees, and in 1989 the atelier was expanded considerably. Today, a total of some 60 employees work in our confection atelier.

Introducing: A House of Happiness

The growing international market does not go well with the typically Dutch company name Vriesco. Therefore, Vriesco will be given a new brand name as a signboard to match its new direction. The BV remains Royal Vriesco. In 2008 it becomes 'A House of Happiness', curtains that make you happy! 'You' stands for: consumers, retailers and employees.