Insulating curtains keep the heat out in summer and keep your home nice and cool . In winter, they keep the cold out and the heat in. So you can turn the heating down a degree. Good for the environment and for your wallet!

Save energy

Curtains are a great addition to your home to reduce heat loss, save energy and lower your heating costs. With the tips below, you can make the most of your curtains and enjoy a more comfortable and energy-efficient home.

Insulating curtains retain heat, allowing you to turn down the heating a degree and save a lot on heating costs. Double-insulating curtains let in up to 30% less cold in winter and up to 50% less heat in summer.

Insulating all curtains

Thicker fabrics, like our blackout fabrics, have a higher insulating and sound-absorbing effect, this is because the fabric is woven in three layers. Sound-absorbing curtains insulate heat as well as acoustics.

Consider adding an extra layer of curtains. By using several layers, for example net curtains with over curtains, you create an air barrier that traps heat. Folding curtains also counteract the cold blast from a window. Or choose curtains with a lining. This adds an extra layer of insulation and helps keep heat in.

Keep heat in and enjoy lower bills.