Roman blinds are a versatile choice for any interior, and with us you will find an extensive collection to perfectly suit your style and needs. Whether you are looking for semi-transparent fabrics for more privacy or dense fabrics to completely shut out outside views, we have what you are looking for. Our Roman blinds are not only durable, but they also come with child-safe operation, which is very safe.

Roman blinds on or in the day

Roman blinds can be fitted in two ways: in front (on the day) or in the frame (in the day). On the day, i.e. in front of the window frame, creates a calm and generous look, while in the frame is chosen for various reasons, including a sleek look, in the case of a tilting window, for example, or because of a lack of space. Make sure you measure accurately to avoid light getting past the sides.


Our Roman blinds feature horizontal tunnels with ribs that keep the curtain hanging nice and tight. The ribs are subtly incorporated into the fabric, making them barely visible. Placing the ribs at the front ensures a sleek look, even with patterns, where the design always continues nicely.

Combine roman blinds with curtains

Want to create a warm and romantic atmosphere with Roman blinds? Then consider combining them with across curtains for a fuller and warmer look. To preserve light and privacy, you can opt for roman blinds made of inbetween fabric, with the addition of overlays providing blackout when needed. Moreover, specific fabrics, such as velour or warm prints, can give your interior a cosy ambiance. Discover the possibilities to give your space a cosy and inviting atmosphere with Roman blinds.

Smart folding curtains

Install your electric pleated blinds wirelessly, easily connect them to your smart home and control them from anywhere, any way you like, at the touch of a button. Create privacy and the perfect light. Be comfy and just relax...