Enter a world of sustainable luxury with the bio-based fabric collection, where natural materials such as wool, linen, bamboo, jute and cotton come together in a harmony of comfort and style.

Embrace the advantage of bio-based fabrics, which not only come from renewable resources but also absorb CO2 as they grow. The raw materials can be harvested or extracted again and again.

Bio-based labelled fabrics are 100% composed of these eco-friendly fibres, not only adding elegance to your interiors, but also being easily recyclable. With a focus on a greener future, you can make the choice that is both stylish and eco-conscious.

Choose comfort, choose style, choose durability.
Not just any curtains.

Linen curtains

Discover the timeless beauty of linen: an eco-friendly choice with a story. In just 100 days, the flax plant grows into a refined fibre, ready to come to life. The supple, washed linen will give your interior a relaxed and pure look in no time.

With its natural sheen and beautiful structure, linen is known for its unique character. The irregularities in the fabric are the charm of this natural fibre.

Every season comes alive with linen, which adapts to the temperatures. And here's a tip - have overlength linen ready-made for the perfect look.

Choose consciously, choose linen - where style meets sustainability. Discover the versatility of linen in the bio-based collection. Linen: closest to nature.

Wool curtains

Imagine the luxury of woollen curtains, expertly crafted from the hairs of sheep. Animal welfare is our top priority, which is why our wool is mulesing-free.

The unique crimp of wool provides resilience, ensuring the fabric does not crease, retains its shape and has low wear. Wool, with its natural properties such as fire retardancy, sound absorption, anti-static ability and odour and stain resistance, offers warmth in your interiors in addition to this added value.

Opt for timeless elegance and natural warmth and go for 100% wool: closest to nature.

Bamboo curtains

Discover the gentle natural splendour of bamboo. The bamboo plant grows into an impressive plant of up to 23 metres tall in just 45 to 60 days. This growth habit is what makes bamboo eco-friendly.

Bamboo, naturally antibacterial, retains this quality in our undyed cloth. Our bamboo fabrics are soft, supple, anti-static and hardly crease at all.

Add a touch of natural luxury to your home and enjoy a healthier living environment. Bring natural beauty to your interiors with our 100% bamboo curtains.

Jute curtains

The natural touch of jute, a timeless fibre with a rich history. This strong fabric is made from the stems of the jute plant. As the plants thrive in wet and warm climates, they need only four to six months to grow into a three-metre tall plant, after which they can be harvested.

Jute is known for its strength and durability, with irregularities in structure highlighting the natural charm of the fibre.

For a cool and timeless look, we recommend having our curtains made with extra length on the floor. Choose the warm and authentic look of jute.

Cotton curtains

From the soft lint of the cotton plant, a mature and flowering plant grows in 100 days. It then takes another 60 days until the seed pods burst open and the precious cotton fibres emerge.

In our bio-based collection, BCI cotton is manufactured. This means less water and fewer pesticides are used, and attention is paid to soil health and the environment.

Cotton is loved for its softness, suppleness and breathability.

Bring the beauty of nature inside by choosing durable and stylish cotton curtains in your interiors.

Choose style with a green heart.