Need more privacy without losing light? Our inbetween curtains offer a perfect solution to outside visibility, while still allowing you to enjoy natural light. Ideal for city homes and busy neighbourhoods!

What are inbetween curtains?

Inbetween curtains are translucent window coverings that fall exactly between regular curtains and net curtains. Keep them closed throughout the day for privacy, while still maintaining a pleasant level of light.

Discover various styles of inbetweens
From calm plain designs to vibrant patterns - our collection offers the perfect inbetween curtains for every interior. Combine them with overblinds for a playful look in your home.

Difference between net curtains and inbetween curtains

Inbetween curtains offer slightly more privacy than net curtains, but still retain a subtle transparency. Both fall under the 'transparencies' group and are a stylish addition to any interior!

Stylish net curtains for any interior
Our net curtains, also known as glass curtains, are made of transparent fabrics that reduce visibility without blocking daylight. With seamless finishes and an weith cord for a beautiful fall.

Combine for optimal privacy

Transparent curtains are often the ideal choice, especially when combined with curtains. Enjoy complete privacy by closing the curtains, or retain some extra light by just keeping the net curtains closed.