With smart, electric, customised folding blinds, you move yourself into a luxurious and comfortable living environment.

Install your electric pleated blinds wirelessly, easily connect them to your smart home and control them from anywhere, any way you like, at the touch of a button. Create privacy and the perfect light. Be comfy and just relax...

Smart folding blinds: set up in a minute with your smartphone

Smart folding blinds powered by MotionBlinds work in a snap. No wiring is needed for installation, the integrated battery motors are cable-free and USB-C rechargeable.

Scan, connect and control

With the MotionBlinds Bluetooth app, your roman blinds will work in no time. The smartphone app helps you set up and operate your roman blinds within Bluetooth range. Moreover, you can programme timers in the app, which allows you to fully automate the folding curtain.

Future-proof smart home motors with your smart folding curtain

Part of MotionBlinds is Eve MotionBlinds, a folding curtain motor with Apple HomeKit technology, which works directly from your iPhone with Apple HomeKit. Supported by Bluetooth and Thread, it is the most advanced and user-friendly technology on the market.


Eve MotionBlinds supports Matter, the upcoming smart home standard developed by Apple, Google, Amazon, Samsung and others. It allows devices to work with each other regardless of which smart home system is being used. Once Matter is rolled out, Eve MotionBlinds will support not only Apple HomeKit, but also Alexa, Google, SmartThings and others. Without the need for a Bridge.

Sustainable smart pleated blinds from A House of Happiness

Sustainability is a top priority at A House of Happiness. The two main reasons for making a home more sustainable are probably the environment and cost savings. Did you know that with a smart curtain you can also contribute to sustainability in your home? Smart curtains allow you to control your curtains at any time of the day, even when you are not at home.

Thanks to our extensive range, there is always a roman blind that perfectly suits your taste and needs! We have different plain, textured and blackout fabrics and all models can be lined.

Almost all our fabrics are suitable for Roman blinds.