The creative team at A House of Happiness has gone to work for you to develop sustainable antibacterial curtains. Curtains that contribute to a hygienic home and help you reduce and spread bacteria. We want to combine beautiful curtains with a clean and safe feeling, contributing to a healthier living environment.

Antibacterial curtains, how it works

Curtains are touched just like other interior fabrics, for instance when opening and closing them. Moreover, they can come into contact with the floor, the dog walks past them or children hide behind them. It is inevitable that bacteria and mould will attach to the fabric.

The antibacterial curtains from A House of Happiness have an eco-friendly protective layer that ensures bacteria and fungi are inactivated within 24 hours, preventing the spread of bacteria and fungi. In addition, the protective layer ensures that stains or unpleasant odours are less likely to get into your curtains. The antibacterial curtains are easy to keep clean, as the protective layer continues to work even after you wash the curtains. No harmful substances enter the water during washing. Which is nice.

Long service life

We are incredibly proud of these recycled and GRS & Oekotex-certified antibacterial curtain fabrics! They are a wonderful addition to your interiors because of their characterful look and contemporary colours. Besides providing privacy and making it sound less hollow in your home, it's also really nice to know that you create a healthier living environment in your home with these curtains and they have a longer lifespan.

How sustainable!

Curtains that contribute to a hygienic home.