Curtains that purify the air in your home through innovative technology. Of course you can buy air-purifying houseplants & of course ventilation is also a must, but our air-purifying curtains also definitely contribute to clean air in the home! For instance, did you know that cooking on gas releases nitrogen oxide? Or that chemicals are released from plastic or paint? All these chemicals can be converted into clean air by our air-purifying curtains. Ideal for any room, right?

Functionality of air-purifying curtains

The air-purifying effect through natural technology is similar to the effect of air-purifying plants:

  • Two different functional particles are used to remove volatile pollutants from indoor air.
  • The technology used in the curtain is a catalyst that enables oxidation in indoor air.
  • Our curtain fabrics Refresh, Aireca, Bouclight and Fresh thereby break down airborne pollutants and make the air healthier.
  • The effect is permanent and does not diminish over time. Up to 20 wash tests have been performed.

Natural minerals and salts

We use organic and natural minerals as catalysts. These are commonly found in nature, e.g. natural salts, organic salt complexes, etc. Of course, we can't share the exact recipe with you - that's the chef's secret! But we can say that no dangerous substances, heavy metals or biocides are used.

Does the air purifier need to be activated to start the effect?
With the Refresh, Aireca and Bouclight, no influence is required to activate the effect.  This means that the air purification always works as long as indoor air pollutants come into contact with the curtain. Fortunately, interior contact between the indoor air and the curtain takes place automatically, so the air is purified 24/7. With the curtain fabric Fresh, the air-purifying effect is activated by daylight or an artificial lamp that has UV light. So the Fresh is especially suitable for south/west facing, as the air purification works optimally then.


All our air-purifying curtain fabrics are also partly made from recycled PET bottles! And did you know that these fabrics are also all homogeneous, because they are made of 100% polyester? Only curtain fabrics made from one and the same composition (read: homogeneous) can be recycled. This means we can reuse our cutting waste & don't have to throw it away. We fiberise the cutting waste, spin new yarn from it and weave new curtain fabrics from it. Extra pure.