Blackout curtains are perfect for the bedroom or children's room, where light should be easily controlled. The strength varies from total blackout to light blackout.
With us, you will find a wide selection of blackout curtains in different colours, fabrics and patterns, ideal for bedrooms and children's rooms where light control is essential.

Are all curtains blackout?

Yes, any curtain can be blackout! We have a wide range of blackout curtains in our range. If the fabric is not naturally blackout, we offer the option of lining the curtain with a blackout liner.

Advantages and disadvantages of fabric and/or lining
If you choose a blackout curtain fabric, you're done with one layer. A lining adds an extra layer, so you need more fabric, but offers more choice in curtain fabrics. Also, a lined curtain often hangs nicer due to the extra weight.

Different blackout strengths

Our collection includes different degrees of blackout:

  1. Black out: Total blackout, ideal for people who sleep during the day. Make sure curtains are long and wide enough for maximum light blocking.
  2. Intense blackout: Not completely lightproof but offers strong blackout, perfect for bedrooms and children's rooms.
  3. Dim out/Semi-darkening: Still lets some daylight through but ensures a good night's sleep. This type is our bestseller, available in various colours.

How are they made?
Our blackout fabrics are woven in three layers, with an extra black layer between the front and back of the fabric providing the dense structure.

Blackout curtains are available in countless colours, fabrics and designs.