Curtains for the living room

Curtains for the living room

Curtains in the living room create an atmosphere, improve the acoustics and have an insulating effect.
Usually, the window covering in the living room consists of two types of curtains; a pair of curtains for privacy, and a pair of curtains for seclusion.

Inspiration for your living room curtains

Curtain 1: Privacy using lace curtains, inbetweens or roman blinds

You want to limit the view from the street or the neighbors. To do this you can hang net curtains, inbetweens or light Roman blinds in front of your window. This way you have less visibility from the outside. This curtain also filters the light. 

Curtain 2: Using curtains for isolation 

This curtain ensures isolation in the evening. It limits the view when the lights inside are on. This makes the living room comfortable. 


Inspiration for the living room

Here are some living rooms furnished for inspiration. 

Classic red


A red living room with a floral print

The atmospheric colors, the comfortable velvet, and the lively designs make your home warm and comfortable.


The red color brings a lot of warmth to the living room. Also, the robust fabrics provide pleasant warmth in the room. Velvet is a very suitable fabric for this. Our velvet collection is made of high-quality cotton for a chic and rich look. Through these atmospheric images the curtains are presented in red, however, they are practically available in all colors.


We process cotton with the Better Cotton Initiative label. Ecological and pesticide-free cultivation.



How to choose the right curtains?

Five tips for choosing living room curtains

We offer curtains in all kinds of colors, sizes, and patterns. But how do you find the right one? Our advice:

  1. Start by determining the fabric. Do you want net curtains, in-betweens or normal curtains? 
  2. Choose the color. You have two options here. You can choose colors that match your interior. For example, if you mainly have earth tones, choose earth tone curtains. As a second option, you can choose a contrasting color. A color exactly on the other side of the color circle. This brings dynamism to the room. In addition, it offers a balance between hot and cold, because the opposite color also brings the opposite warmth or coolness.
  3. What properties should curtains have? This can be useful: insulating, acoustic, flame retardant or blackout.
  4. Opt for floor-to-ceiling curtains. This ensures calm blocks of colors.
  5. In addition, we have many sustainably produced fabrics. Consider including this in your research. We create a better world together. 


The benefits of curtains in your living room 

In addition to the atmosphere and appearance, the curtains also have other positive properties that can help make your home more comfortable. For example, do you have a 30s drafty house? Take insulating curtains. Do you have a new house that echoes? Take acoustic curtains. Many curtain fabrics already have one or more of these added values in the fabric. They can also be added using the appropriate lining.

Hello yellow


Golden living room with double in-betweens 

This style of curtain offers a set of three-dimensional fabric patterns. It plays with the position of the slides, the shadows, and color effects. You see lots of diamonds, three-dimensional braiding and block patterns. Also, you see this 3D trend combined with used and weathered materials, but also luxurious metals with a brushed finish. This is a trend you often see in the interior. The designs have graphics and clean lines. Steel window frames go very well with this. The basic colors are black, matte black and white in combination with warm yellow.


By using double inbetweens in front of your windows, you create more privacy while retaining lots of light. The rings give the curtain a robust appearance and with the help of an inlayring, the curtain is always easy to slide. The tight woven white sheer fabric Romesa has a luxurious graphic woven design. Sonora F.R. is a fire-resistant yellow inbetween with a trendy mesh look. The gray Trigon in-between has a woven triangle design.



Scandinavian jungle

Green in your living room 

Green is a soothing color. By bringing the color green into your home, you create your own urban oasis. This fabric is sustainably printed by us. Or as we call it: HAPPY PRINTING. This means it is different from traditional procedures. With our new printing process, we save 80% water!



In the photo, you can see a Roman blind in the background. Using a double layer of curtains creates a certain intimacy and filters the light. It creates an atmosphere. The room is open and has many hard materials, which means that the space sounds hollow and reflects sound. By adding additional layers of fabric, you improve the acoustics. This works well in this space.