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Discover Jesper Hospes & Janine Smit's home with their new curtains!

Welcome to the home of Jesper and Janine, two passionate long track speed skaters who have moved into a beautiful new home in Heerenveen together. Located next to the famous Thialf, this location offers the perfect mix of sporting activities and relaxation. For this dynamic couple, their home is not only a haven to unwind after intense training and work, but it must also be practical and functional.

Jesper and Janine's interiors are characterised by an industrial style with a touch of country charm. They both love colour and aim for a warm, inviting atmosphere. With a greywash oak floor and plans to add a terra wall, they are looking for curtains that perfectly match their unique style and interior.

The right curtains are essential for Jesper and Janine, not only for acoustics and light, but also to reflect their personal style. They prefer curtains with a matt, natural look and want a fabric that is both functional and aesthetic. After extensive research and inspiration from A House of Happiness, they chose the beautiful Coco 16 curtain fabric with a cool linen look.

With advice from Rinkje van der Veen, designer at A House of Happiness, Jesper and Janine found the perfect curtains that not only reduce the reverberation in their home but also create a warm and inviting atmosphere. By choosing thicker inbetweens and a lighter colour, they have created a space that is both functional and stylish.

It is now much lighter in the house and the reverberation is gone.

The result? A house that feels even lighter and cosier, in which Jesper, Janine and even their faithful four-legged friend Luna feel completely at home. With the addition of these beautiful curtains, their interior is complete and they are more than happy with the end result.