Curtains for the dining room

Curtains for the dining room

The dining room curtains add color to the room, provide privacy, and improve acoustics. The window covering generally consists of two pairs of curtains.

A pair of curtains provide privacy while retaining light. For example, net curtains, inbetweens, or thin Roman blinds.

The second pair of thicker curtains are for the evening. In general, a thick inbetween is enough in the dining room, but you can also opt for a thicker curtain. 

Create your own house of happiness

The use of the dining room

The large table is used for eating and playing. Children can create a lot of noise in the house, especially the large high rooms are noisy. By hanging curtains here, damping is created. Relax…


Combined curtains

The combination is quite easy; Choose a print and combine it with a matching plain curtain. In this photo, a thin inbetween layer, Marble, was combined with a matching blue curtain.


Transparent Marble: Marble is a semi-transparent fabric that falls gently. It has a striking marble design. The curtain is hanging from the floor to the ceiling so that no seams are visible. We fill the bottom of the curtain with a weighted cord so that the curtain falls beautifully.


Restill curtain: Our Restill curtain has a finely woven structure with a slightly mixed color effect. It is a very flexible fabric. The fabric is part of our sustainable collection; it is partly made of recycled polyester from PET bottles.


The style

Below are some atmospheric images of furnished dining rooms.


Urban jungle

Tip: the more fabric, the better the sound absorption. The thicker the fabric and the more folds, the stronger the effect. 


Green dining room 

Create an urban jungle. Use strong, recycled fabrics with botanical prints in combination with large plants, raw materials, bamboo, and wood. The Dimension curtain is made from recycled cotton from residual materials in the production of t-shirts. The 'Poetic' fabric is doubly sustainable: printed with water-saving techniques on recycled fabric.

Happy blues


When developing our printed fabrics, we use a new printing process that saves 80% water.


Blue dining room 

Add a touch of blue to your interior, or use blue as a base in a room: with blue curtains, you create an atmosphere and peace in the house. Combine with tone-on-tone roman blinds. Many of our fabrics are suitable for Roman blinds. Green Leaf is a thermal curtain made of polyester fibers from plastic bottles, very sustainable. It keeps the heat inside and the cold outside. In addition, it is sound-absorbing.