Colour in your interior: yellow

  • Colour in your interior

How much colour you want to use in your interior is personal and depends on the space. However, a home can often use more colour than you think. After all, colour makes for a comfortable and cosy home.
Are you working on your interior? Then start with the big areas first, such as deciding on the floors, walls and curtains. Then move on to the literally 'smaller things' where the choice is often huge, such as lamps, chairs and sofas.

Curtains for you in all shades of yellow

Yellow adds a lot of colour to interiors. From the popular ochre yellow velour, for example, to golden yellow with sheen. From light yellow to dark yellow.

Light yellow curtains subtly brighten an interior, while the more pronounced yellow colours can be used to bring more light into a dark room. Yellow curtains generally lend themselves well to the living room or study when these rooms are on the north side of the house.

Yellow curtains bring brightness

Yellow is an uplifting colour: it represents sunshine, warmth light and brightness. Yellow stimulates the appetite as well as the ability to think. Yellow stands for sunny, warm, friendly and happiness. An ideal colour for dining and study rooms.
Yellow stimulates your thinking and you feel warmer. Yellow is a suitable colour for the kitchen, because of the many cold materials it is a nice counterpart.

Yellow a warm colour?

Yellow is officially a warm colour. However, this does depend on the shade of yellow. Golden yellow and warm yellow are perceived much 'warmer' than ochre, mustard or sand. The type of fabric and pattern also determine this. A plain yellow curtain is more intense in colour than a curtain with a yellow print. Plenty of choice! Yellow also works well as a contrast colour with blue and purple.

Retro/vintage interiors with yellow curtains 

A retro interior with yellow curtains is often characterised by cheerfulness. And what better way to create happiness than with bright, light colours? Mustard yellow curtains, ochre yellow curtains and even golden curtains lend themselves very well to a retro interior! Especially think of the 70s, in combination with yellow and brown. Today, you also see the colours green and turquoise added.

Our range of yellow curtains

As the curtain factory of the Netherlands, we have plenty of choice for you! Do you go for the trendy ochre version, for the sunny light yellow or for the more subtle sandy yellow? Will you go for
a yellow curtain, a yellow Roman blinds or a yellow inbetween? Or maybe a combination of both? Then you'll have filtered light during the day and privacy in the evening. Will you go for plain curtains or with a print? Plenty of choice!