Curtains for the children's room

Curtains for the children's room

At A House of Happiness, we offer curtains for the children's room in all kinds of colors, designs, and fabrics. The collection includes curtain fabrics such as velvet, linen, net curtains, inbetweens, and our sustainable fabrics, available in fresh colors particularly suitable for children's rooms. Cheerful and colorful children's curtains with beautiful or trendy prints. From blackout or semi-blackout curtains to sun-resistant curtains.

Children's room curtains in all kinds of colors



4 tips for the child's bedroom

  • Make the curtains a little more playful with an original finish. For example, choose the Happy Lock finish.
  • Choose curtains from floor to ceiling, it gives the room a pleasant atmosphere.
  • With many of our fabrics, you can also get matching cushions. If you want to sew something yourself, you can also order the fabric to make accessories that match with the curtains.
  • Our L.A.P. Atelier also makes all kinds of fun materials for the nursery. For example teepee tents.

Are you decorating a baby- or a children's room? Then you have many choices to make. Whatever you choose, we do it for you. We have so many beautiful fabrics at our curtain factory, we are happy to help you! 


Children love colors and patterns. In this, they are often more exuberant than adults. This is partly because children's eyes need more contrast. The colors must, therefore, be more intense and radiant to see them properly. Around the teenage years, a child can perceive and distinguish soft colors as well as an adult.


Decorate the baby- or children's room. Where to start?

Our stylist advises to start with large surfaces. Like floors, walls, and curtains. In order to eventually find less important things such as lamps, chairs and a chest of drawers. However, we know how it works in practice ... the changing table and the crib have already been chosen and oops, the curtains have yet to be chosen. No stress, we have plenty of choice, there is always a nice curtain. We have more good news, the delivery time is only two weeks. 


Are the curtains washable?

Most curtains can be washed. Want to be sure? See the fabric specifications, this will indicate if and how you can wash the curtains.


Did you know that...

... we also have a sustainable children's collection? Many of our fabrics are made from recycled materials.
... our curtains meet all current safety rules. This is also important to know.

Sweet dreams: cheerful children's curtains

Inspiration for children's curtains

Children's bedrooms are ideal to add some color. Nowadays there are many choices: from crazy prints to the most beautiful bright colors.


Sleep like a baby using blackout curtains

You can sleep better with blackout curtains, especially if you sleep in the afternoon. Many of our nursery curtains have this property in the fabric. If the curtain of your choice does not have this property, it is possible to line it with another fabric to make it a blackout curtain. 


The cheerful curtains in this photo

The Penguin children's bedroom curtain can be used on both sides, twice the fun! On the front of the curtains, you can see penguins and on the back of the curtain are ice crystals (see the roman blind).

Personalize your curtains with the unique Happy Lock finish. Choose a cool anthracite gray, a cool white or a cheerful orange. Complete it with the matching Penguin cushion! Super cheerful and now available in stock.

100% child resistant


Blue & yellow 

Warm yellow and cool blue complement each other well.


Blue fabric: Dimension

This fabric is woven with multicolored threads. It gets a tough casual look due to the subtle crease in the fabric. To make this fabric, recycled cotton from leftover materials in the production of t-shirts was used.


Sustainable children's curtains

With our sustainable children's collection, you can go in different directions in terms of furniture and decoration. Play with colorful fabrics and cheerful patterns. The Cloud curtain fabric for the nursery is made from recycled material.


Durable, insulating and sound-absorbing

This nursery curtain also has an insulation and soundproof function.

For good acoustics, soundproof curtains can be pleasant. Some fabrics are very soundproof (you can see in the specifications), others can be made soundproof with a lining.

More inspiration for children's rooms

A "cool" boy or girl room? Or rather softer shades like pink or baby blue? Children's bedrooms can often use a little color because there is less furniture in them. 

Inspiration for the children's room

Are you decorating a baby- or a children's room? You then have many choices to make. 


Children's bedroom curtains in countless fabrics, colors, and designs

We offer a wide and varied range of nursery curtains, available in many colors, prints, and designs.
Are you looking for blackout curtains for the children's bedroom? The blackout curtain fabrics from A House of Happiness are also available in many fabrics suitable for children's rooms. The fabrics are woven in three layers; between the front and back of the fabric is an additional layer of black threads that make the fabric extra dense (and in some cases a little thicker and stiffer). A small selection from our wide range of children's bedroom curtains!

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