Curtains for the bedroom

Curtains for the bedroom

Curtains are essential in your bedroom. Not only to keep the light out but also to add atmosphere to the room. Read all about bedroom curtains and their options here.

Curtains for the bedroom

The curtains in your bedroom provide atmosphere, privacy, and are mostly blackout. To keep the light in the bedroom, the combination of a transparent (net curtain or in-between) with a (semi) blackout curtain is perfect.


Transparent curtains for privacy

A net curtain, an inbetween, or a light roman blind creates privacy in the bedroom. This limits the view from the outside and keeps the light in the room.


Blackout curtains for a good night's sleep

The (semi) blackout curtains are perfect for the night.



Here are some photos of rooms furnished for inspiration.

The green house

The green bedroom 

Sleeping in a green environment is good for us. In these photos, you can see green elements in the curtains, the inbetweens, and the roman blinds.


Nice detail: The leather-look curtain grip. This gives a trendy look and prevents the curtains from getting dirty because you do not touch them when opening and closing.


Do you want a sturdy look in the bedroom? Choose curtains on rings. These curtain rings are available in different colors and sizes.


Sleep happy


Red roman blinds: Restill 

This fabric, Restill, has a finely woven structure and a marbled color effect. This creates depth in the color. The back is smooth, which means that the fabric can be used on both sides, depending on the look you are going for. Give your roman blinds a special touch with a side stripe.


The fabric is very flexible and can both be used for a curtain and a roman blind. Restill is partly made of recycled polyester from PET bottles.

Sleep in red

Perfect for the bedroom; lined curtains. Lined curtains have a longer lifespan, are soundabsorbing, blackout, and insulate from heat and cold. An additional advantage is that they also save energy and they are very beautiful and flexible. The Blom fabric you see in the photo is printed with a water-saving technique, using 80% less water! Knowing this, you can sleep well!


Floral curtain: Blom 

Blom is a woven curtain with an irregular weaving structure. This creates a natural linen look. The curtain has a colorful watercolor floral design. The design is printed on the fabric to save water. The fabric stretches from floor to ceiling to make sure there are no visible seams. 


Get the linen look


Linen gives the bedroom a cool look. Our linen-look curtains look exactly like linen but with the convenience of polyester: the fabric is washable and does not wrinkle. Another advantage is that the fabric does not shrink, even when temperature variates. The neutral colors in this photo are timeless and therefore last longer. Curtains are durable products, they have an average lifespan of 8 years. Choose a style that suits your bedroom.

More inspiration for the bedroom


In-betweens for privacy, curtains for atmosphere and sleep. Especially when the days get longer in summer.


Do you want original curtains? Choose a curtain with a border in a different color. 

Bedroom inspiration

Looking for inspiration for your bedroom curtains?

You want to be able to sleep well. Curtains have a great influence on the atmosphere of your room. Some tips for a good night's sleep:

  • A good combination: opt for curtains in combination with roman blinds. Roman blinds keep the light outside, the curtains muffle the noise.
  • To prevent the light from coming in, you can choose a blackout lining or opt for one of our blackout fabrics.
  • Curtains from floor to ceiling are the best for creating peace, it creates a 'color block' in the bedroom.
  • If your bedroom does not have double glazing or if the house is poorly insulated, choose a lined curtain. This will keep the room at a lovely temperature at all times.
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