10 practical tips to save energy

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Keep heat in and enjoy lower bills

  1. Insulating curtains retain heat, allowing you to turn down the heating a degree and save + €200 on heating costs.
  2. Sound-absorbing curtains insulate heat as well as acoustics.
  3. Thicker fabrics, such as our blackout fabrics have a higher insulating and soundproofing effect, this is because the fabric is woven in three layers.
  4. Is the fabric not very thick or blackout yet?
    Then have it lined.
  5. Opt for ceiling-to-floor curtains.
  6. Double-insulating curtains let in up to 30% less cold in winter and up to 50% less heat in summer.
  7. Place a curtain in front of a draughty door.
  8. A hollow-sounding room feels uncomfortable, causing the heater to imperceptibly turn up a degree.
  9. You also counteract the cold blast from a window with pleated blinds.
  10. Warm colours make you feel warmer.

Make home your own comfortable 'nest' with socks, blankets and curtains.

Collect warmth and save energy!