Sustainable curtains

Sustainable curtains

In our A House of Happiness collection, you will find a large number of durable curtain fabrics.

At A House of Happiness, we are fans of sustainability and believe that a better environment starts with ourselves. From solar panels and wind power to electric power and durable curtains. 

You can't buy happiness..

... But you can buy sustainable curtains, and that's close enough!

Sustainable curtains 

Besides the fact that curtains have a function, from insulation to privacy to increasing the atmosphere. A curtain can also be produced sustainably. You don't see it, but you know it!

We love green. After all, a better environment starts with ourselves. In this way, you can make curtains from recycled materials. T-shirt industry residue is great for making recycled cotton. And old PET bottles, which can easily be used to make new yarns. Beautiful for now, beautiful for later.


Recognizable sustainability 

You can recognize our sustainable curtains by the recycling logo.

Popular sustainable curtains

We have the largest collection of durable curtains! See our favorites here

Elite: Durable and slightly shiny


Elin: Flexible and durable


Inspiration for every interior

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Children's room Children's room
Children's room
Dining room Dining room
Dining room
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Green is not a color, it's an attitude

Durable curtains from A House of Happiness

Previously, A House of Happiness successfully manufactured curtains made from recycled cotton. The residual material from the production of T-shirts is very good to reuse to make the most beautiful fabrics. But discarded water bottles, also known as PET bottles, prove to be very suitable for the production of fabric. For example, the Reflex fabric is largely made of recycled polyester, resulting from the reuse of discarded water bottles. Because PET bottles must meet high quality and safety requirements, this plastic is very suitable for reuse and for transformation into fabric for clothes or curtains for example.

You can put empty PET bottles in a plastic collection bin. The collected bottles go to the transformer where they are sorted, ground and washed. A fiber producer processes plastic chips: the crushed bottles are melted and spun. The curtain fabric is woven from this thread, after which it is sent to the factory of A House of Happiness!


Durable curtains for every interior

Each collection of A House of Happiness is increasingly extended with recycled fabrics, to reduce the use of new raw materials. Our durable curtain fabrics are the fabrics from which the yarns are made from cutting waste from the production of T-shirts and PET bottles. We also have curtain fabrics with added value: insulating, flame resistant, acoustic/soundproof and blackout. 

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