Insolating curtains

Insolating curtains

Are you looking for curtains that keep the heat in the house during the cold winter months? What about those who help keep your house cool during the hot summer months? Our insolating curtains are the solution. When you close our insulation curtains, they block the cold air flow from the window. This way you can turn down the heat a bit during the winter months. Which curtain will you choose?


Insulating curtains- Winter and summer

A fabric is always somewhat insulating in itself. The thicker the fabric, the better this property. A thick woven fabric, therefore, protects better from the cold than an inbetween.

In addition, we have fabrics in our range which are particularly insulating. These substances have this property to a very high degree. It’s not only more comfortable when it's colder outside, but it's also better for your energy bill.

Cool summer, warm winter 

An insulating curtain is not only pleasant in cold weather, but it also works the other way in summer. It keeps freshness inside.


Made to measure 

Our insolating curtains are also made to measure. 

Popular insolating curtains

Fireflex: flame resistant, blackout and insulating


Cloud: flexible, insulating and acoustic


Green is not a color, it's an attitude

Choose from our wide range of insulating curtains

In our wide range, you will find fabrics with a unique structure and appearance. The degree of insulation depends on the thickness of the fabric. The thicker the fabric, the better the insulating effect. In our collection, you will find net curtains, in-between and normal curtains.
The net curtains are thin and transparent fabrics. Despite the fine fabric, they help insulate your home. The inbetweens are, in terms of fabric thickness and therefore also in terms of insulation value, inbetween the net curtains and the normal curtains. Normal curtains insulate better. The use of thick fabric also results in soundproof curtains, which benefits the acoustics inside.


The perfect insulating curtain

At A House of Happiness, you will always find an insulating curtain to match your interior. Our collection contains several insulating fabrics. Do you prefer a different fabric, but you want the curtain to be insulating? We can make the curtain insulating by lining the fabric of your choice with an insulating lining fabric.

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