Blackout curtains

Blackout curtains

A House of Happiness offers blackout curtains in countless colors, fabrics, and designs. Blackout curtains are perfect for the bedroom or children's room, where the light should be easy to control. Our blackout fabrics are woven in several layers to make the fabric very dense.


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Keep the light outside

Are all curtains blackout?

We have many blackout curtains in our range. This includes the property of blackout in the fabric. Does the fabric not have this property? You can also use a special lining to make the curtain blackout. So yes, each curtain can become blackout.



The difference in intensity 

We have blackout curtains and blackout liners of different intensities in our range. The intensity varies from blackout to light masking.

In order of intensity: 


1. Blackout

When a curtain is blackout, it means that it has total masking. It is the most blackout fabric that offers the best light barrier. This is ideal for people who work at night and need to sleep during the day.


Tip: make sure the curtains are long and wide enough that the light really stays outside.


2. Intense masking 

Fabrics and curtains that have intense masking are not completely light-tight but are quite black. Ideal for bedrooms and children’s rooms.


3. Semi blackout 

This means that this fabric is semi-opaque. You can still see if it is day or night outside, but you can sleep well. It is our best selling type of blackout curtain. Ideal for the bedroom and living room. The darker the fabric, the greater the blackout effect. 


Advantages and disadvantages of the fabric and/ or lining

The advantage of a blackout curtain: It is faster to make than a curtain with lining. A lining fabric is an additional layer that contains hours of work. If the property is in the fabric, you don’t need a liner.


The advantage of a blackout lining: you can choose any curtain fabric you want! The choice is immense. You can have the intensity you want by using a liner to darken the fabric.


How are blackout curtains made?

Blackout fabrics are woven in three layers. An additional layer is applied between the front and back of the fabric. This black layer ensures the density of the fabric. 


Popular blackout curtains

Linero: flexible and blackout


Hermosa: flame resistant and semi-blackout


Green is not a color, it's an attitude

Blackout curtains in countless variations

The blackout curtains from A House of Happiness are woven in three layers. Between the front and back of the fabric is an additional layer of black fabric which makes the fabric very dense and in some cases also a little thicker and stiffer. In this way, you are assured of a dark bedroom or children's room. At A House of Happiness, you will find blackout curtains in all kinds of fabrics, colors, and designs.
Are you looking for a luxurious or chic look? Opt for a velvet curtain with additional lining, cream or wine red. You can also contact us for blackout curtains for the children's room. Cheerful and colorful darkening of the curtains with fun patterns and prints. We can darken a large part of our curtain fabrics with a lining fabric, the choice is immense!


Custom made blackout curtains

Our blackout curtains are entirely made to measure. Your unique blackout curtains can be fully assembled according to your wishes and taste. Of course, you can always contact us with questions. Order your custom blackout curtains at A House of Happiness! 

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