Acoustic curtains

Acoustic curtains

If you are looking for curtains for a new home, office, meeting room or open space, acoustic curtains, also called soundproof curtains, can be a solution! Acoustic curtains guarantee that ambient sounds are muffled.
The acoustic curtains from A House of Happiness offer a unique combination of aesthetics, acoustics, and light in the room. Curtains that make you really happy.

Acoustic curtains in your home

Do I need soundproof curtains? That depends on your situation. However, it can mean a lot to your enjoyment of life. Acoustic curtains absorb sound vibrations (high, low and medium tones). It works for exterior and interior noise.


Bothered by outside noise?

Most of the noise enters your home through the windows. Think of passing cars, a busy street, barking dogs, neighbors who are still outside while you want to sleep, etc. In the evening when the curtains are closed, they prove their worth. You create peace in the room.


Bothered by noise from inside?

There is also enough noise coming from the inside. Do you have children playing at home? Are you not able to understand each other when there are multiple people in the same room? Do you have the well-known reverberation in your newly built home? A son taking drumming lessons? Or do you want to create additional silence to enjoy classical music? These are times when acoustic curtains are important.


Degree of improved acoustics

The degree in which the curtains provide improved acoustics depends on the fabric. In short, the more & thicker the fabric, the better.


The more fabric, the better

More fabric, the more surface there is to absorb the sound waves. It is, therefore, preferable to opt for floor-to-ceiling curtains. It is advisable to choose curtains hanging in front of the frame rather than curtains hanging in the frame. This creates a larger surface.


The thicker the fabric, the better 

The thicker the fabric, the better they are able to absorb sound waves. These curtains do better than inbetweens. Lined curtains do better than unlined, and a triple pleat is better than a single pleat.


In addition, there are certain fabrics that have been specially developed for the optimum absorption of sound waves. So-called acoustic curtains. We can recognize these by the acoustic symbol.  


Tip: If the fabric itself is not acoustic (without the acoustic symbol), it can still be transformed into an acoustic curtain using a specialized lining.

They are beautiful!

Acoustic curtains ugly? Absolutely not! We offer a wide range of soundproof curtains. For all tastes and styles.
The acoustic value is not visible on the fabric. However, you will notice it in your living comfort!


Combine properties 

Did you know we are known for our curtains with added value? Do you want to improve your acoustics but still want a durable curtain? Or do you want to improve your acoustics while using a blackout curtain? No problem!
We have many fabrics with combined properties. And if a property is not in the fabric, you can add it using a lining.


·         Acoustic. Also known as soundproof curtains.

·         Blackout. Semi-blackout or complete blackout. 

·         Insolating. Keep the heat inside in winter and outside in summer.

·         Sustainable. Read more about our sustainable vision. 


5 tips for better acoustics in your home

  • Opt for acoustic curtains instead of normal curtains or inbetweens. Can't find an acoustic curtain? You can also use another fabric with an acoustic lining. 
  • Hang acoustic curtains in places where you wouldn't think of in the first place. For example in the hall, at the front or rear door. 
  • Add more fabrics in your home. For example with a carpet or tapestry. 
  • Opt for a fabric sofa instead of a leather one. 
  • There are also absorbent murals, which are ideal for the office. 

Popular acoustic curtains

Fireflex: insulating and blackout


Superior: flexible velvet


Le vert n'est pas seulement une couleur

Wide range of soundproof curtains

Hard floors are found in most interiors, this makes every room a soundbox. To reduce the sound, acoustic curtains van be used to absorb sound waves, so that less sound is reflected in the room. The reverberation of sound in a room acts as a jammer in most situations, because conversations are less audible or because you are less able to concentrate due to ambient noise. The acoustic curtains contribute to the desired rest.


The most beautiful fabrics for acoustic curtains 

Different materials absorb in different ways. In general, the thicker the fabric, the better it absorbs sound. With lined curtains, you get the optimal effect. Therefore, in a room that has a strong resonance, choose curtain fabrics with a high absorption value. The amount of absorption required for a room varies depending on the situation. Acoustic curtains absorb sound better when they are placed about 6 inches in front of a surface such as a window or a wall.

At A House of Happiness, you can also opt for transparent acoustic curtains. Our transparent curtains with acoustic effect dampen in the same way as thick fabric curtains. All our acoustic curtains are made to measure according to your wishes and are available in different colors and patterns. In total, we have more than 2,000 curtain fabrics and 300 value-added fabrics in our collection. Like our insulating, fireproof, soundproofing and blackout curtains. Of course, you can always contact us with questions. These are curtains from A House of Happiness that really make you happy!

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