Sustainable craftsmanship
Save 80% of water
Sustainable cotton- BCI
Made in the Netherlands


Sustainability is an important part of our mission and vision. A lot is involved in the process of producing, transporting and processing these products. We try to treat every part of this process as fairly and environmentally as possible. So when you decorate your house with the products of A House of Happiness, you are sure that you are consciously working on sustainability. 

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sustainable from factory to consumer.

Sustainable, traditional craftsmanship

Sustainable business is at the heart of our concerns

Target 2025

A House of Happiness aims to recycle at least 90% of waste by 2025. On the Lansink scale, it's a jump from E to C.


Sorting of waste
A first step towards recycling waste is the waste sorting program. Waste is sorted immediately so that it can be recycled more easily.


716 solar panels
Each year, the panels on our roof generate an output of 162,500 kWh, more than half of our annual energy consumption.


80% paper savings
50 trees are saved each year by digitizing the stationery. Everything is stored digitally and invoices are sent digitally when possible.


Dual function packaging boxes
Each year, 3,500 orders are sent to customers in a box. This box is first used as packaging material, then it can be DIY and used as a toy thanks to a nice design.


Green bags
Canvas bags are used instead of plastic bags. These are made from recycled materials and can be reused.


Recycled raw materials 
Over 8% of the collection consists of recycled raw materials. The aim is to increase this number by 2% per year.


Inclusive society 
Empatec is a company that employs people who need help finding work or who need help at work. In our workshop, people work through Empatec to make fabric samples.

Green is not a color, it's an attitude

Encourage a healthy lifestyle
With the health doubler, an employee is reimbursed for his or her subscription money that he or she spent on a health-promoting activity or sport.


Sponsorship plan Netherlands 

Each month, 36 employees sponsor a child via Plan Nederland. Plan Nederland works on poverty reduction and improving the living conditions of children in developing countries, paying particular attention to equal rights and opportunities for girls.


Reuse residual materials
L.A.P. workshop is an initiative of A House of Happiness and Fier. Women who can benefit from a helping hand, work here. The high-quality residue from A House of Happiness is reused by L.A.P. and transformed into artisanal, sustainable and authentic products.

Saving 80% of water
Per 50 meter roll, 1000 liters of water are saved thanks to an environmentally friendly printing system. This is equivalent to 10 bathtubs full of water.


No harmful substances
To protect human health and the environment, REACH is required from suppliers. No harmful substances can be used when dyeing textiles.


Better Cotton Initiative (BCI)
All velvet fabrics are made from consciously grown cotton. Farmers receive fair compensation and cotton is grown with as little water and pesticides as possible.


Reuse curtain covers and hangers
The curtains are sent to the stores on a hanger in a non-woven curtain cover, made of 15% recycled materials. A deposit is paid and when the cover and/or hangers are returned, the person who returned the hanger and cover will receive a refund. 



Sustainability at A House of Happiness

Many different elements play a part in making sustainable products. First of all, the fabrics for our curtains and other accessories. These are produced from recycled raw materials. Currently, 8% of our collection consists of recycled raw materials. We aim to grow this percentage by 2% every year. Thanks to a special, environmentally friendly printing system, up to 1000 liters of water are saved per 50 meters of fabric. Also, when dyeing the fabrics, no harmful substances are used. Our velour curtains are produced from consciously grown cotton.
In addition to sustainable production, sustainable processing of waste is also important. Our goal is to recycle at least 90% of our waste by 2025. To achieve this, the first step is to sort waste correctly, for which we participate in the Waste Sorting Program. The residual materials that remain after the production of curtains or other products are reused. This is done through the L.A.P. workshop. Here, creative products are made from the residual materials by women who can use a helping hand. In this way, others enjoy the residuals and we help the society. 
In addition to creative and production work, there is of course also office work involved in the processes of A House of Happiness. To contribute to sustainability here, 716 solar panels are located on the roof of our office. We also digitize as much of our paperwork as possible, currently saving 50 trees.

Contributing to society's progress is also important at A House of Happiness. People come to us through Empatec. These people mostly have difficulty finding a job or need guidance in their work. Furthermore, people from 12 different nationalities now work at A House of Happiness. Thanks to following Dutch language courses, these people all work well together and speak the same language. The health of our employees is extremely important. Therefore, A House of Happiness reimburses subscription fees for its employees when they participate in an activity that promotes their health. Every month, 36 employees of A House of Happiness sponsor a child of Plan Nederland to contribute to societies in other countries. In this way, we create equal opportunities for everyone.
When our work at A House of Happiness is done, sustainability goes a little further. Your purchased products are shipped in boxes with fun designs for children to play with. We also use canvas shoppers made of recycled material instead of plastic bags. This way you can easily reuse them.
This is sustainability at A House of Happiness. Our process, good for people, the environment and the company. Do you want to know more about our sustainable process? Please contact us, we are happy to tell you more about it.

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