A House of Happiness

A House of Happiness

Curious about A House of Happiness as a curtain supplier? With more than 2000 curtain fabrics, there is certainly something beautiful for you!

A home for everyone

About us

We are A House of Happiness, the specialist in made- to- measure curtains with over 100 years of experience. We offer full service: from product development to the delivery of made-to-measure curtains, via an automated control module and production in our workshop.


Royal Vriesco is the parent company of A House of Happiness. Our company employs 130 people and the headquarter is located in Leeuwarden. We have two experience centers in the Netherlands (Leeuwarden and Eindhoven) and an office in Belgium (Antwerp). Each experience center displays our entire collection and the latest trends. 


A House of Happiness is also enjoying growing success in the international market. We monitor trends from many countries, work together with internationally renowned designers, and present ourselves at international trade fairs. The export sales managers visit clients abroad or invite them to our head office in the Netherlands. 


Some key figures

  • Over 40 export countries 
  • The delivery time for our made-to-measure curtains is 10 working days + the days to transport them to your country 
  • 2-5 days delivery time for cut- lengths 
  • We have 130 employees from over 12 countries  
  • Over 5.000 points of sale
  • We have 2.000 different fabrics and colors in our product range
  • Every year, our workshop sews over 250.000 lengths of fabric
  • These curtains require 1.750.000 curtain hooks 
  • Each year we deliver more than 5.000.000 meters of fabric 

Our service

In Leeuwarden, there are always 2.000 items in stock, which means an order can almost always be carried out directly. The plain fabrics are available in 100 different colors so there is always the right shade for you. Before our fabrics are cut we test every one of them in terms of washing, shrinkage, and fading. The quality of the fabric is therefore guaranteed beforehand.



Our mission 

A House of Happiness creates your curtains. Our curtains make you happy. 


Our vision 

A House of Happiness is a colorful brand that combines creativity, quality, inspiration, and passion for textiles. A House of Happiness offers suitable, and custom curtains for everyone. It stimulates personal creativity. The collection is developed and produced exclusively by A House of Happiness, enabling us to offer a wide range of styles and prices. Our full-service lies in the ease with which you can choose, buy, and fit window furnishings.